You can view our curriculum map by clicking the image on your right. This maps shows which subject each year group does, and how many lessons they get per fortnight.

The number of lessons in found under the subject. For example, Year 7 get 6 lessons of English and 4 lessons of PE. In Year 9 the subjects found under the ‘Pathways’ heading get 4 lessons per fortnight.

Please use the links below to download our Curriculum guides. All files are in PDF formatĀ and require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

If you require any more information about the curriculum that we offer, please email and we will make sure that your request is forwarded to the correct person.

Curriculum Guide 2018-19
17th October 2017 Download
KS4 Curriculum Guide 2019-20
8th January 2019 Download
School Handbook 2018-19
17th October 2017 Download
School Prospectus
11th October 2019 Download
Sixth Form Prospectus 2019-20
20th November 2018 Download
Year 9 Pathways Guide 2019-20
14th January 2019 Download