You can view our curriculum map by clicking the image. This maps shows which subject each year group does, and how many lessons they get per fortnight. The number of lessons in found under the subject. For example, Year 7 get 6 lessons of English and 4 lessons of PE.

Please use the links below to download our Curriculum guides. All files are in PDF format and require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

If you require any more information about the curriculum that we offer, please email and we will make sure that your request is forwarded to the correct person.


    At The Woodroffe School we understand the importance of supporting your son/daughter through the next stage of their school journey. The Options process has been designed to provide students with the structure, advice and guidance needed to make informed and guided decisions about the qualifications they will study in Year 10 and 11.

    We encourage students to make preferences that are ‘broad and balanced’ to ensure future pathways are kept open. Although career direction and particular interests are important students are more likely to succeed by taking ownership of their studies, whilst also following subjects that they enjoy and have an interest in.

    We will be surveying the current Year 9 cohort before Christmas, to gauge their initial preferences which in turn will inform the next step in our Options process. The main launch of the Options process will begin in January 2021. It will run slightly differently this year as we will unfortunately not be able to welcome you to our annual Information Evening originally scheduled for 6th January. Instead, all the information required to make informed decisions will is available using the link below.

    Once available, please explore the publication fully with you son/daughter. This will support the guidance we will be offering students in school as part of the process.

    Key Stage 4 Curriculum Guide 2021-23

    In Year 9, students study a broad range of subjects (please see our Curriculum Map), including a language(s) and an additional Enrichment subject.

    Each Spring we discuss the Year 9 Enrichment Curriculum with our Year 8 cohort. Students then indicate a preference for the language(s) they would like to study in Year 9 and continue for KS4, as well as indicating a preference for the Enrichment subject they would like to study during Year 9.

    In 2021-22 our offer included:

    Language Block (6 periods a fortnight)Enrichment Block (2 periods a fortnight)
    FrenchArts Award
    French and LatinDuke of Edinburgh
    French and MandarinEnvironmental Science
    French and SpanishLatin
    French and LiteracyMandarin
    Sports Development

    ^Curriculum design is subject to change as it is impacted by staffing, timetabling and student preference.

    Please click the link below to view our Year 9 Curriculum Guide for further guidance and information. Year 8 students will receive information during assemblies and tutor time, so an informed decision can be made.