Rough Notes – June 2022

Dear Parents, Carers, and friends of The Woodroffe School,

Thank you for taking the time to read through our latest edition of ‘Rough Notes’, the penultimate one of this academic year, where has the time gone?

Our students are now at the end of the examination season, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their resolve and the impeccable way that they have conducted themselves throughout, they have been amazing. We wish them the very best for the summer results days, which are shown below:

  • A-Level and Level 3 results – Thursday 18th of August from 8am.
  • GCSE and Level 2 results – Thursday 25th of August from 9am.

A short time ago, a group of students from year 7 and 8 took part in the Junior Maths Challenge. This is an annual maths competition, which students from all areas of the country compete in.

I am delighted to announce that our students achieved:

  • 36 Bronze medals
  • 14 Silver medals
  • 1 Gold medal

Fantastic achievement, congratulations to all those who took part.

The Woodroffe DofE programme is now fully underway with students from year 9 upwards completing their expeditions. So far, the weather has been kind and the students have done a fantastic job. I would like to thank Miss Trunks for the many weekends spent supporting the students and all the staff who have lent a hand along the way.

On the 14th of June we welcomed the parents and carers of our new intake as we begun the partnership between school and home. It was great to be able to welcome parents and carers in person following two disrupted years.

On the 15th and 16th of June, we were once again able to welcome the students who will be joining us in September. Both groups had a fabulous day where they began to find their feet and learn a little more about life at Woodroffe. Our Sixth Form students did a great job supporting students across the day, whilst our teaching and support staff gave them a flavour of what to expect in September.

June is Pride month and our LGBTQ+ group has supported this by planning and running events across the school for all students and staff with the help of our LGBTQ+ Allies. It has been great to see a diverse range of activities on offer with strong student uptake.

In July, year 11 and year 13 students will have the opportunity to participate in their Proms. Whilst this is a fantastic opportunity to mark the end of exams and, for some, the end of their time at Woodroffe, it can be a costly exercise. To help reduce costs and do a little to support the environment, we will be making available a large number of preloved dresses. There will be more information about this soon but, you can get a sneak peak of some of what is on offer here.

A generous donation from The Lyme Regis Musical Theatre.

“The Lyme Regis Operatic Society was formed in 1920 and performed its first production of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta ‘The Mikado’ in the Marine Theatre in 1921.”

“To move with the times, we changed our name to Lyme Regis Musical Theatre for our production of Evita in 2015 and have enjoyed 100 years of entertaining audiences and nurturing very talented people through music and drama.”

“We have now taken our final curtain call and want to help future children to fulfil their dreams and potential, so decided that we would present a large donation to The Woodroffe School Hope Wright Trust for just this purpose. We hope there are some rising stars amongst you who will benefit from our gift.”

We would like to sincerely thank The Lyme Regis Musical Theatre for their support of the arts and for their donation to the school in support of nurturing future talent.

In the summer we will be updating our telephone system so that we become digital compliant. The new system will offer a range of additional services to help support communication with the school, including the capability to record telephone calls, which may be used for training purposes.

Please remember when communicating with the school via telephone and/or email that it might not be possible for you to be able to instantly reach the member of staff you are seeking. Should this be the case, we will ensure we respond within 24 hours wherever possible. For wellbeing, staff are not required to respond instantly, in evenings or at the weekend if not convenient.

At The Woodroffe School, we are committed to ensuring that diversity is celebrated, tolerance is promoted, and everyone is respected, appreciated, and valued equally. Please ensure that all communication with the school and its staff is reflective of this. We want to nurture positive relationships built on open appropriate communication.

I hope you enjoy our latest edition of ‘Rough Notes’. Should you wish to find out more about our school, news or events, please visit the school website, which I am sure you will find useful. In addition, for regular updates, why not look at our social media outlets:

The Woodroffe School Headteacher can be found on Twitter - @HeadteacherTws
The Woodroffe School can be found on Twitter - @WoodroffeSchool
The Woodroffe School on Instagram – woodroffeschooldorset

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Best wishes,

Dan Watts