Year 12 Visit to Roche Court

It has been quite a few years since we visited Roche Court which is just outside of Salisbury; a fantastic residence set in beautiful countryside that would have been home to Nelson had events at Trafalgar not conspired against him. Today it is home to internationally renowned artists’ work that is placed around the grounds like a monumental treasure hunt. The work is a brilliant starting point for students’ own ideas and a chance to see how Art can inspire and influence contemporary society.

New galleries have been added since our last visit and they house some fantastic graphic art by Michael Craig-Martin amongst others. In the gardens there was a rare chance to see some of Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Family” series together in one place and on arrival Peter Randall-Page’s geometric stone sculptures stood out proudly amongst the trees. Everything at Roche Court is for sale. It is always fun watching students’ faces change as they see price tags and it raises fantastic discussions about the value of objects.

The weather was kind to us, and we were able to enjoy the surroundings in sunshine in spite of the most ominous weather predictions all week. Mrs Walker joined us, on what may well be one of her last Woodroffe trips as she leaves us in July. This wouldn’t be a bad trip to end on – it was a really enjoyable day.

Mr Vine
Head of Art and Digital Technology