‘Annie’ Audition

Anyone wishing to be a performer in ‘Annie’, our next school show, please come to the audition day on Saturday 25th September at 10am. Everyone will be taught a short routine by our choreographer and will be expected to have learnt the words to ‘Hard Knock Life’. Students will only have to sing and dance with other people, unless they want to be considered for a part that has to sing a solo. Apart from the main roles which are already cast, there are lots of smaller roles that also need to sing. We also need a huge chorus who will do all sorts of things throughout the performance. Anyone wishing to audition for one of these roles will need to sing on their own. Any one intending to audition, must email me to let me know. I can then add them to the ‘Annie’ team on Teams. This means they can access the backing track and words to ‘Hard Knock Life’. Please email me with any questions acruwys-finnigan@woodroffe.dorset.sch.uk.

Important ‘Annie’ dates to be aware of

We start rehearsals in January and rehearse after school and lunch times throughout the spring and summer term until performance week, which is July 6th/7th/8th/9th. We have three full cast and crew weekend rehearsals on 18th/19th June, 25th/26th June, 5th/6th July. Everyone has to be available for these days which are compulsory. A rehearsal schedule will be available in the autumn term so everyone knows exactly which rehearsals they have and when. To save disappointment and difficulties I would really appreciate students and their parents discussing and understanding this long-term commitment before auditioning.

Anne Cruwys-Finnigan
Head of Drama