Year 13 Leeson House – Autumn 2020

This autumn, the Year 13 Geographers managed to gain invaluable fieldwork experience with a day visit to Leeson House on the Isle of Purbeck. The day was spent studying the hydrological cycle which involved a lot of water along with hoses, buckets, tarpaulins and “constant head hydrometers”.

Not only did this work allow the students to learn about hydrological processes but also the opportunity to work as a team in the collection and analysis of data. However, as always with field work, the best part is to see students engaged in practical geography which what the subject is all about. To go out into a woodland and measure infiltration rates into the woodland soil with your class friends allows one to switch off from the big issues of the world, which even if just for a few hours can have a substantial positive impact on well-being.

A big thank you to Leeson House for their efforts to keep us welcomed and safe and to Mrs Lemon and Mr Williams for their support. We are planning to have our residential visit for the Yr12 students in March so fingers crossed.

Mr Loveland, Head of Geography & Humanities.