Geography MOOC’s

“As we come to terms with our hermetically-sealed situation during the coronavirus outbreak, why not make the most of time inside with some free online learning?”

Geographical website, 3rd April 2020

As this period of self-isolation continues, there are a wealth of opportunities for the Geography students to develop their knowledge of Geography. This is particularly relevant for the sixth form students who will be completing UCAS statements from September and want to “stand out from the crowd”. A great way to do this is to complete an online course. These often referred to as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and usually involve a few hours a week watching videos, reading articles or listening to lectures.

Many institutions and organisations are offering free online courses that can be started at any point during this period of self-isolation.  So do encourage the sixth form students to sign on to a course. The Yr10 and Yr11’s will also find many of these interesting and a good preparation for 6th form study next year. Parents may also want to sign on with the younger students at the same time and work through them together.   There is usually a free certificate of completion once you have finished.

So please make the most of your time at home. Below are some suggested courses for the geography students:

Lots of other online courses can be found here through The Geographical Website.