Geography Horizons – Summer 2019

As always, the passing of the summer solstice signals a very busy period within the geography department. We saw the Year 11 students finish their GCSE exams and wish them the best of luck, they thoroughly deserve it. We then had a series of outdoor events, more details of which and image can be found above. As always we are looking forward to a high intake of Year 12 geographers in September from both Woodroffe and other surrounding schools. We are also looking forward to welcoming Mr Martin to the department in September where he will be joining the geography team.

As the summer holidays approach I would urge all parents to find a map of the local area and set out to explore it with the students. For those of you lucky enough to be travelling abroad do involve the students in the planning of your holiday so they know where they are going!

JP Loveland, Head of Geography & Humanities.