GCSE Results 2019

The new government benchmarks now focus on the number of students achieving 4+ (a standard pass) and 5+ (a strong pass), with particular focus on ‘the basics’, i.e. English and Maths.

The Woodroffe School has achieved another remarkable set of GCSE results, with 83% of students gaining more than 5 standard passes including English and Maths.

In English, 87% of students achieved a standard pass (4+), with 76% achieving a strong pass (5+). In Maths, 89% of students achieved a standard pass (4+), with 71% achieving a strong pass (5+). The combined ‘basics’ figures were very impressive indeed, with 84% of students achieving a standard pass in both English and Maths, and 64% achieving a strong pass.

Woodroffe is unusual in that the majority of students continue to take a Modern Foreign Language at GCSE. This means that our eBacc scores are always high, and this year it was no different with 45% of them achieving the eBacc. Entries for separate sciences are also always high and this year the standard pass rate was 100% in all three subjects.

For a fully comprehensive school, this represents outstanding performance and one which confirms the school’s Ofsted Outstanding status. Coupled with last week’s excellent A-Level results, this has been a superb year for the school and its students.

There were some excellent individual performances with a host of students gaining impressive sets of grades, including a good number of the new harder to attain grade 9s: Rudi Ellis-Jones gained seven 9s, one 8 and two 7s; Holly Thompson achieved seven 9s, one 8 ; Iris Parkin five 9s, and two 8s; George Bond four 9s and five 8s; Lauren Taylor two 9s and five 8s; Matthew Bartlett four 9s and one 8; Georgie Howarth-Yates two 9s and three 8s; Rachel Dowding two 9s and three 8s; Maisie McCarthy one 9 and five 8s; Jessica Leat one 9 and five 8s.

Mr Adam Shelley, Acting Headteacher of The Woodroffe School said, ‘This is an excellent set of results and I am absolutely delighted that so many of our students have done so well. The students have worked incredibly hard and I applaud their commitment and determination. They have achieved high grades across a broad range of disciplines. I would also like to recognise the dedication of the Woodroffe staff who have worked very hard to ensure that our students achieve excellent results.

“I am delighted to say that the vast majority of students will be joining the sixth form where I am sure they will continue to do well. A-Level results were also impressive this year and serve to underline the overall excellence of the school.”

Adam Shelley
Acting Headteacher