Year 9 Dartmoor 2018

Mist fog and wind? It must be Year 9’s trip to Dartmoor 2018! Last week 180 Year 9 geographers went to Dartmoor to experience the moor in all its moods and to find out whether it would make a suitable location for a wind farm. During the day the students got to see and experience the open moor as well as visit a popular “honey-pot” site and experience the Highland Moorland centre in Princetown. Over the years the weather had been quite kind to us so but this year we had a very different experience. With a heavy mist developing into thick fog or “clag”, visibility was at a minimum. In the afternoon a couple of groups could not even reach a local tor as a result of not being able to see more than 20 metres in front of them.

However, the year group were fantastic and even with no views they all experienced what makes our local upland area special. A big thank you to all staff and 6th formers who supported the trip and ensured no students were left on the moor!

Now our attention is turning to our next trip where with the History department 30 students will be visiting Naples in Italy to experience Vesuvius and Pompeii. It is sure to be a fantastic few days.

JP Loveland
Head of Geography & Humanities