Year 7 Aquarium Trip 2018

This year, in line with the Governments policy on How Science Works, the school arranged for the whole of Year 7 to travel to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to give them the opportunity to experience science outside of the classroom.

As part of their visit the students were given an in-depth guided tour of the aquarium by their dedicated ‘JustAddH2O’ staff and took part in a one hour workshop which had been designed to explore parts of the Year 7 Science curriculum in relation to the organisms and habitats.

Evie, Daisy, Amber and Albert, Year 7, said:

“It was a really interactive experience which was fun, exciting and educational. We learnt a lot about the lives of individual species of fish including tropical and our own local habitats.

We were also warned about the effect the humans are having on the environment and how this impacts on the lives of the many creatures that live in the sea.

It was such an enjoyable day. We would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all of Year 7, to Miss Morley for arranging the trip and to the other staff who accompanied us on the day.”