Balloon Photography

A number of Sixth Form students, as part of their A Level Photography course, recently spent a lesson experimenting with Balloon Photography; the focus was to capture high speed synchronisation (sync).

Aline, Year 12, said, “We used a variety of different flashes, matte painted paper for the backdrop and different coloured balloons filled with corn starch or powdered paint. We used a dart to sharply pop the balloons. The sound of the balloon popping set the flashes off by using a sound trigger. This then quickly and sharply captured the exact moment when the balloon popped to create these images on the camera. It was great fun and the photographs came out better than we could have imagined.”

Miss Keaney, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, said, “Wow, I think you will agree that these images are absolutely amazing. David Baily has serious completion. Well done guys.”