Annual Art Exhibition 2018

The Art department have their annual exhibition at the Town Mill galleries currently underway which includes work from KS3 to the upper sixth in various disciplines including graphics, ceramics, photography, woodwork and painting.

This year in addition to the Town Mill exhibition, which had a fantastic opening night on Friday the 26th January, we also have work featured in Lyme Regis Museum on the top floor. This work, completed by Year 11 presented images and 3D constructions made in response to the ridgeway project started last year. A host of people were involved in the project including local storyteller Martin Maudsley, artists Darrell Wakelam and Sarah Butterworth, the History and Art departments, Dorset County Council and the Arts Development Trust. Marie McLeish at the Arts Development Trust contacted Mr Vine last year to propose the project which they generously funded. The aim is to raise awareness of the significance of the numerous landmarks that can be found on the Dorset Ridgeway, from Viking burial sites to long barrows, stone circles and castles. Many of the students illustrated the myths and legends that such places give birth to.

The Museum will display the work until the end of February.

Here’s what Marie McLeish of the Arts Development Trust had to say about the exhibition:

I went to see the students work in both Lyme Regis Museum, and Town Mill gallery. I was really impressed with the range of interpretative work created, the inherent beauty of the pieces, and the informative notes describing the creative process. Thrilling work. Please pass on my appreciation to the students.

This is an example of excellent collaboration between artists, students, and teachers. Bringing the messages of the South Dorset Ridgeway to new audiences was at the heart of the Live Brief, funded by heritage lottery fund. This has been expertly delivered.