Roman Wrecks!

Last year Mr Walker chose Lottie from his Year 13 Science class to be the school’s candidate to apply to be part of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project. Lottie was extremely excited and keen to apply. She got through to the interview process, beat the competition and became one of the eight students from around the UK who got to work aboard a research vessel in the black sea, conducting ground breaking scientific and archaeological research using state of the art equipment.

The three year project has now ended and below is a report from Lottie on her time spent on board the vessel:

Being part of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. Along with seven other students from around the country I got the opportunity to go onboard a large research vessel on the Black Sea in Bulgaria, working alongside scientists, archaeologists, engineers and many other truly inspiring people from all different nationalities around the world. We took core samples from the sea floor to help us find out about environmental change, learnt how to create the items using 3D printing and were among the first people to see shipwrecks 2000m below sea level since they sunk. The wrecks were in pristine condition and some dated back to the Roman Era. I have had so much fun, gained many new skills that will be useful in the future and ate an incredible array of fantastic new food!

You can watch the Newsround episode that features this project here.