Coastal Erosion in Lyme Regis

At last the long awaited film we began planning last Apri has now been completed and is available and can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Both the AS Geography students and the AS Photography from last year spent a very long and hot week interviewing a whole host of experts about the question – is erosion a good or a bad thing for Lyme Regis?

I’m sure you will agree after watching the film that Justin Owen, Richard Edmonds and the students have worked very hard to produce such a fantastic film not only is it of superb quality but it also has an excellent educational element to it.

Below is what Tony Flux from the National Trust had to say:

I think you have done a great job! The film flows very well and neatly reflects differing views regarding the way in which the coast at Lyme has been managed in the past and on into the future. Professor Brunsden is his usual brilliant self! He is such a fantastic communicator.

At 24 minutes length, you are within the general TV convention of the ‘half hour documentary’and that is the perfect length for both students and the general public. I also thought the level of technical debate was just about right and should be comprehensible to most folks.

For a school to produce a piece of material of this quality is very commendable and I shall use ‘bits’ of it myself when giving presentations.