Sixth Form standards are a straightforward system of expectations which can be easily understood by pupils, staff and parents. The aims of Sixth Form Standards are:

  • to promote academic achievement
  • to promote responsibility for independent study and good study habit (including attendance, punctuality, completing work on time, high quality note-taking, independent study and revision, and performance in tests)
  • to encourage personal development with increasing responsibility and self-discipline commitment to extra-curricular activity and involvement in the wider life of the school
  • to provide a structure which challenges, monitors, rewards and supports performance across these objectivesto be good role models for the lower school and ambassadors in the community

There are six key standards which set out the School’s expectations of Sixth Form students:

  • Full attendance
  • Consistent punctuality
  • Dedication to studying
  • Participation in school life
  • Demonstration of high levels of responsibility
  • Adherence to the Sixth Form dress code

Students who consistently meet the standards will enjoy greater autonomy within the Sixth Form and are awarded Commendations. Those who fail to meet the Standards will be given Concern Notes. More information is available in the Sixth Form Prospectus.