In the majority of cases, if your child is absent from school, you should call the school reception on 01297 442 232 on the morning of the absence to advise of the reason why they will not be in school.

If your child needs to leave the premises or arrive on site during the day because of a medical appointment, you will need to advise your child’s tutor. This can be done through a note in your child’s homework diary, through a telephone call to the school, or via their tutor’s school email address. Your child must also sign in or out, via the receptions signing in/out system.

For full details of the school’s absence policy, please see below:

Student Absence

Parents are required by law to ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually unless permission has been given for absence or in the case of illness. For safety reasons the school must know when children are not in school, and for legal reasons it must know why. If parents have to be away from home for a prolonged period leaving their child temporarily in the care of a relative or friend, it is important that the school Office is notified.

Illness or Unforeseen Absence

In the case of illness or unforeseen absence, please telephone the school on each day of absence and leave a message for your child’s Tutor, and ensure that when your child returns to school that they have a letter, or note in their homework diary, explaining the reasons for their absence.

Long Term Absence

In the event of any long term absence, parents should inform the school each day as quickly as possible so as to avoid unnecessary calls from the Education Social Work and Attendance Service [ESWAS] and so that the school can, if necessary, give work or help organise home tuition for your child.

Family Holidays

We do not authorise family holidays in term time and the Headteacher will only authorise leave of absence under exceptional circumstances. He will also determine the number of days a child can be away. In the rare instance where this has to happen, families must carry a holiday form with them while they travel. These forms can be obtained from the school office and must be signed by the Assistant Head for Inclusion before the holiday takes place.


Occasionally students are found to be truanting from school. In the first instance parents will be contacted by the school if there is any reason to suspect truanting is taking place. If truancy persists the Educational Welfare Officer will be asked by the school to investigate. Registers are called at the start of the day, after lunch and at the beginning of every lesson.

Students Leaving the Premises During the Day

Students may need to leave the premises to keep doctor’s appointments or similar. On these occasions parents must write to their child’s Tutor giving details in advance. Children who stay at school for lunch are not allowed to leave the school site. On occasion you may wish your child to have special permission to visit town; in this instance please write to the Head of Year giving details. It is vitally important that all students who leave the premises at any time must use the ‘Signing Out’ book which is kept in reception.

Late Into School

If a student arrives late for either the morning or afternoon session and has not been marked present in the attendance register, they must sign in the ‘Late in School’ book, which is also kept in reception.