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Doing an arts award allows you to enjoy the arts, develop creative and leadership skills, build confidence and achieve a nationally recognized qualification.
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Legacy Project

As a parent, carer, or student, this would be a way of leaving a permanent keepsake of your child’s/your years at Woodroffe. Now they/you are moving on, this could be your chance to leave a gift in the form of a monetary donation to the Sixth Form Library for a library resource. This could take the form of a book, sponsorship of a magazine subscription, a subject specific DVD, e-book, etc.

Perhaps you would like to opt for the type of resource your gift would buy, or maybe you would prefer to specify the subject area in the Library you feel would benefit from your gift. However, this would have to be discussed with the Sixth Form Librarian, as to whether the resource would be suitable, or relevant, for the Library. Every resource bought with a donation will be kept in the Sixth Form Library with an acknowledgement to its benefactor/s. A record of benefactor/s will be displayed in the Sixth Form Library, providing an everlasting record of every resource and its benefactor/s donated in 2014 and subsequent years.

As a guide the average price of a young adult fiction book is £8.99 and for non-fiction the average price of 6th Form resources is about £25, with magazine subscriptions ranging from £25 to £149 for something like the New Scientist. Donations can be made via WisePay.

Please do not hesitate to contact me ( if you have any questions or wish to discuss your choice with me. Thank you for your continual support, for which the school is always grateful.

The publishers of Encyclopaedia Britannica have produced a guide to e-safety
download a PDF version HERE

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