In Key Stage 3 students will explore basic coding and programming that will prepare them for the more robust learning that happens at GCSE and A level. In Year 8 the students all explore coding problems using PICAXE software to examine the role of the microcontroller in computing. They also investigate programming problems encountered by Mars Rovers using the Lego facilities. In Year 9 the best coders will opt for the programming pathway and the remainder of the year group will explore programming concepts through Lego and Scratch projects.

Lego Innovation Suite

‘Build to Express’¬†Lego kits are used to get initial ideas for any theme or topic in multiple subjects.

In RE, big or small theological issues from the existence¬†of God to the difference between a good thing & the right thing can be modelled and discussed using the ‘Build to Express’ sets.

In Media Studies students have created models which they have animated. Please check the gallery for Lego images!



Mr Vine
Head of Computing
Mrs Beard
Mr Holding
Head of Careers
Mr Shelley
Deputy Head