Art and Design includes a variety of practical skills-based learning opportunities as well as developing an understanding of the contextual background to the subject in its many forms. The department delivers a variety of additional courses at KS4 and beyond including, Graphics and Photography.

By Year 9, students are able to pick from these ‘pathways’ courses that are suitable for their interests and talents which they refine and improve in a well rounded Year 7 and 8 Art & Design programme.

Year 7

Students follow a broad Art and Design curriculum involving drawing, painting, designing and making, contextual studies and analytical thinking.

Year 8

Year eight students continue to study Art and Design in the same broad context.

Year 9

Students select from two Art pathways; Graphic communication OR Art & Design

Years 10 & 11

Students proceed with their chosen pathway, switch pathways or drop the subject

Years 12 & 13

Students who have passed a GCSE in Art or Graphics at ‘B’ grade are automatically eligible to proceed into KS5 Art, Graphics or Photography. C grade passes at GCSE are considered for sixth form Art courses depending on other results.

Mr Vine
Head of Art
Mrs Bowskill
Mr Greenhough
Head of Year
Mrs Harahan
 Miss Mafusire